Dragon Water Feature

Dragons have been used for many centuries in Chinese culture to symbolize power, wealth and good fortune. Unlike the European dragons, these were not considered as fierce, fire breathing creatures, but rather as creatures with auspicious powers, particularly in controlling water movement in floods and natural calamities.

In Feng-Shui design, which advocates the balance of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements, the dragon represents ‘yang’ and is often combined with water, which is ‘yin’ to invite wealth and prosperity in to the home.


Types Of Dragon Water Features

In Chinese mythology, the dragon was represented as a long serpentine creature with numerous scales and four clawed legs. Most dragon water features portray the dragon with intricate details and often feature it holding or sitting atop a flaming pearl or metal orb; this orb represents wealth, power and prosperity.

Dragon water features come in many different shapes and sizes and are most commonly used indoors as table-top fountains or as dragon heads which serve as water spouts for wall mounted water features. Larger dragon figurines are sometimes featured in residential gardens as accents to ponds.


Common Types:

Dragon statues can be used as spitters, located at the edge or center of a pond, to emit water into the pond. They are sometimes placed on a ledge set amongst a natural rock formation at the edge of a pond for a more organic look. When surrounded by trees and plants, these water features can provide a dramatic focal point in the garden.
Smaller water fountains, commonly used for table tops or on decks and patios, feature the dragon sitting or standing on a decorative bowl. The bowl acts as a water reservoir and hides a submersed pump, which re-circulates the water. These often show the dragon holding a pearl which is lit by LED lights for water features, and makes for a very pleasing night time water element.

Double dragons holding the orb between them are also popular as they are believed to enhance good fortune and bring luck.

Wall mounted water features also depict dragons carved or etched into a rear wall plate. Dragon heads are often used as spouts and can be mounted to the wall of a pool or water basin. Wall mounted elements are great for use in narrow side yards or as accents for entry ways.


Materials Used In Design Of Dragon Water Features

Dragon water fountains often feature a great amount of detail in depicting scales, claws and other features of the dragon that make it appear realistic. Polyresin is commonly used in the manufacture of dragon sculptures as it is sturdy, can be intricately molded and allows for a great level of detail. It is also compatible with many different types of finishes such as paint and metallic finishes which resemble copper, bronze and stone without the added cost or weight restrictions.

Bronze dragon figures are also widely available, but are much more expensive than the polyresin variety. Bronze is popular for its color and appearance, giving the statue an authentic, ancient appearance. It is a metal alloy with copper mixed into it, which allows for protection from rust, making it a popular choice for outdoor dragon water sculptures.